The Increasing Hate between Muslims

In recent months, as we have seen the Middle East crumble because of unfortunate political events, there has been an increasing trend of hate between Muslims themselves. It seems the more Muslims suffer, the more Muslims go against each other. This is the realistic, yet saddened stage of the Ummah.

Sunni vs Shia conflicts have arisen much more than what they have been. To be frank with you, I was 16 years old (turning 17) when the Yemeni revolution took place and it was then when I found out that there are different branches of Islam. You must think I’m lying, but I wish I was. I remember a young woman who had started a conversation with me in Manhattan one day asking me where I am from and I had replied, “I am from Yemen but I’m sure you don’t know where that it is” and she went on saying, “Are you Shia or Sunni?” I had looked at her in a puzzled way and waited a few seconds to reply, “I am Muslim, why?”

That was the day that I had found out about branches of Islam. It was an awkward situation, but thankfully, I was taught by parents who never divided us and ‘them.’ In fact, I was taught to never differentiate between groups of people, whether Atheists, Christians, Jews, etc. I still see them as people of God, no matter what.

That is the basic foundation of Islam.

Clerics have took extreme advantage of their titles and spread hatred against Muslim brothers and sisters. Yes, these are the clerics of 2014 (updated version). There is nothing else that irks me more than clerics who show anger to their audience and spread fitnah (lies). In Surat Al-Baqarah (aya 191) God says, ” For Falsehood (Fitnah) is worse than killing.” Falsehood has been used to separate many families, couples and overall, the Muslim society. Respected clerics have clearly showed their true face by going against God’s peaceful path. Yes, I said it. Many clerics have damaged the unification of their own people.

We are flawed people. Sunnis are flawed and Shias are flawed. Each group believes its going on the straight path, yet they are in the deepest of troubled waters.

Has hatred been taught by the Prophet Muhammed? Not at all. Actually, he showed tolerance and acceptance to the Jews and Christians. In fact, he married a noble Jewish woman, “Saffiyah.” If the Prophet showed respect towards the Jews, than how in the world would you believe that calling against the separation of Muslims is alright?

Secondly, God has always promoted the unification of his people. As He says in Surat Al-Imran (Aya 103) “Hold fast together to the rope of God and be not divided. Remember the blessing that Allah bestowed upon you: you were once enemies then He brought your hearts together, so that through His blessing you became brothers.”

God did not say, “Hate your Shia or Sunni brothers and call upon hate between the two.” I am disgusted by the ridicule, violence, hatred, discrimination towards other sects of Islam. Absolutely shameful to know that this is who we have become!

I have no doubt that the prophet and God are looking down upon us in disappointment. I am not a scholar, nor do I have the mere qualifications to be a religious “teacher” because I surely am not. I am here to tell you that God does not promote hatred between Muslims, so why on earth would Muslims and Clerics think they have the privilege to promote such atrocious ideologies?

If you still believe that promoting hatred against your Muslim brothers and sisters is perfectly OK, then please sit down by yourself and rethink what Islam really is and how you don’t give the religion a good image.

I see Facebook posts about going to the Mosque and learning about peace in Islam, and then 2 minutes later I see the same people commenting on a post, cursing and shaming a Shia or Sunni for being a Shia or Sunni! It’s absurd. How about a Cleric tearing while saying a decent Duaa about the unification of Muslims and then quickly slipping the “and let Shia-ism stay away from us” sentence at the end. How about praying for our hearts to mend into one? How about praying for the unification of Muslims? How about Clerics stop being political for once in a lifetime – at least for the sake of peace.

As disappointed as I am, I have realized that as time goes on by, it’ll only get worse. That’s because we have let hatred overpower love. On the same path, we have let our pride and selfishness think we can over-power God’s words. We have forgotten that we are ALL Muslims. We are ALL children of God. It is not our job as insignificant human beings (compared to Him) to judge a person and claim he is going to Hell or Heaven. God is merciful and God is All Judging. I don’t recall God giving us the power to judge.

I believe in kindness, unity, respect and tolerance for all people – after all, this is what Islam is really about!

Peace out peeps!


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Blogger, with Yemeni roots based in New York City. Student of Sociology (B.A.) with a focus on the country of Yemen. I would consider myself a student of knowledge.

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