My thoughts on Syria

My thoughts on Syria at 2 AM in Yemen without electricity….

Syrian revolution has now become a civil war after two and half years.

Recently, on August 21st, Chemical Weapons were used on the people of Syria. By the numbers given to us by Sec. John Kerry, around 1,429 people were killed from this horrendous act. Western powers, including most of Syria’s neighbors claim that the Assad regime is responsible for this crime. Since August 21st, the US and UK brought up a case of military intervention in Syria to help “deter” the Assad regime. The United Kingdom has had their debate and vote at the House of Commons, which then resulted in not supporting military intervention in Syria. While the US is still pushing for intervention, it’s up to the Congress to debate and vote for a ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ on intervention. While that continues to happen, here are my thoughts on the supposed military action in the region:

As an American, I am war-weary and I truly believe that there is no real, guaranteed strategy that will help Syrians against Assad through intervention. “Limited, narrow strikes” MAY (which i personally doubt) help “deter” Assad regime but the KEY question is: What will happen after those limited strike(s)? Will it hurt our allies if we do strike? Of course. Will our stance on the importance of international laws be taken less ‘serious’ if we do not strike? Absolutely. We are in a loophole that we dug for ourselves, my friends.

Unfortunately, the White House is portraying a case which is failing to convince me and the others in the US. Sure our “reputation” is on the line but the innocent people that we will hurt at the end will only destroy our image more, esp after Iraq.

Those who are against intervention simply understand that what the US means by a small action will eventually turn into a full-scale war in the very near future. This full fledge intervention will lead to the deterioration of the Middle East. We know by striking Syria, it will lead to more casualties to save the rest in the country – if we actually do save them. Again, nothing guaranteed under the case by administration at the White House.

Yes, we do condemn the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). Yes, we clearly sympathize for the people of Syria and condemn the killings of innocent people standing for their freedom. That doesn’t mean those who are against the military intervention on Syria are with the Assad regime and/or are OK with the killings of innocent people. It means we know that the region will face permanent instability.

There are three players in this situation: Assad and his regime, Free Syrian Army (rebels) and Al-Qaeda militants (Al-Nusra). What we have now is a hijacked Syrian revolution, which has become a complete mess. Would our potential strike make the FSA stronger and weaken both the militants and the regime? How can we be so sure that would happen? Commonly known, AQAP like to work in messy situations- seeking it as an opportunity to reach their goals by creating chaos.

To be clear, Syria is politically and geographically strategic, especially for the United States. Our eye is really on Iran, North Korea, Lebanon (Hezbollah), Russia and China. Top two most important countries for the US at the moment would be Iran and Lebanon (Hezbollah). Hezbollah being a terrorist group under US terms and Iran as a potential country that may (or may not) have nuclear weapons with its advanced nuclear program.

If we do potentially strike Syria, it can trigger a fired strike from Hezbollah on Israel, a very close US ally. While I’m quiet sure Israel will strike back, Iran may see it as an opportunity in targeting Israel as well. Russia on the other hand will support Syria with arms and possibly militarily as well. At this point, no one knows who will strike who but we all know it can lead to a complete mess between countries against or with Syria’s Assad. All have the complete right to defend their country’s security.

I’m not in favor of a military intervention on Syria. I’m in favor of a dialogue between Western, Gulf-backed Syrian rebels and the Syrian government. If there’s no dialogue, the “weakened” Assad government will continue to strike rebels and rebels will continue to fire back with arms that they have.

Truly tricky situation that the whole world is watching play out. It’s just heartbreaking to know that innocent people who intentionally started out clean and peaceful, ended up with a hijacked revolution for the interests of countries like the United States and Saudi Arabia.

May those who have died in Syria rest in peace. May those who have fled to neighboring countries find some inner peace and stability and may those who are still in Syria be fearless in what is yet to come in the upcoming weeks, months and years. Beautiful Syria is and will forever be damaged.


About Summer Nasser
Blogger, with Yemeni roots based in New York City. Student of Sociology (B.A.) with a focus on the country of Yemen. I would consider myself a student of knowledge.

2 Responses to My thoughts on Syria

  1. Saleh says:

    Surely. The Dictator Bashar is the only main cause for war and damage in Syria. He is like every dictator in arab world. their hang on of rule and throne is a weak point that the Imperialist powers could exploit to attack any threaten powers in the mideast and the world.
    sincere greetings Summer

  2. markpti says:

    It has been some time since this was written. I would be interested in how you, at this point in time, would add to or further qualify your view. I would also be interested in exchanging some additional views with you and clarifying some thoughts.

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