Yemen held its first TED event, also known as TEDxSanaa. On New Year’s Eve, over 150 people attended the inspiring event, listening to 19 speakers and entertained by special performances and guests in between.

Each individual spoke about their ideas, hope and personal stories to the audience in the room and to those who were watching live on the Internet across the world. Indeed, many people have laughed, smiled and cried because every story touched the heart. The room was filled with energy and positive vibes shown with glowing facial expressions by the attendees.

The team and volunteers have worked for hours, days and months to make this event happen and I give them props for their hard work because it paid off. From start to finish, it was excellent. Rules were implemented, volunteers made sure everything was organized and the TEDxSanaa team did their best to make it a memorable day.

As an attendee, I felt honored to have been in a room with such great individuals. As I listened to each story, I felt empowered with hope, strength and bravery. It’s because with these stories and seeing all these faces of hope, I knew Yemen will be in good hands. The ideas presented at the event, whether it would be for education or for the environment, were simple yet brilliant. It’s little projects that go a long way for our society.

Change starts with the people, not the government. If we sit and wait for the government to help bring change, then I’m sure we will be waiting for a very long time. Think and ask yourself, what can you do for your country? How can you do it? When can you do it? Starts with a thought and ends with an action.

What it all comes down to is the people of Yemen. It doesn’t matter if you live in Yemen or outside of Yemen, as long as you have a dream and you’re willing to help bring it into reality, you are paving a road for a NEW YEMEN.

We start with ourselves! We are creative and intellectual people. We can help our country. We are the people of a country known for its history and historic makings to better civilization. We’ve done it before, we can do it now for our country because we need to.


About Summer Nasser
Blogger, with Yemeni roots based in New York City. Student of Sociology (B.A.) with a focus on the country of Yemen. I would consider myself a student of knowledge.

One Response to TEDxSanaa

  1. Sam Arafat says:

    Great piece Summer 🙂 Inspiring hope 🙂

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