Big Role for Yemenis Abroad

This post is to all the Yemenis abroad…I felt the need to write about this:

I think some of us forgot that we have a huge role in the development of Yemen. In some aspects, a more bigger role than the people in Yemen. Remember those first few years when you entered the US, for instance? Many of you struggled in the beginning (if not, your lucky) to build your income to better your living. You left Yemen to seek money, happiness and a future for yourself and your kids. All of you came to a land that has opportunities, options, freedom, etc.

We’ve opened businesses, some of you received diplomas (High school and/or College) and others invested in land, apartments or homes in our homeland. In fact, many buildings and homes that are built are owned by Yemenis abroad. Which is a great thing! We are financially stable to build and buy lands, stores and other things. But I always wondered and thought that we are capable of doing much more than buying lands. We are capable of doing much, much, much more.

Has anyone thought about opening a small tutoring institution? Or a Summer camp? What about Investing in orphanage homes? What about putting money to help a school buy students chairs for classrooms? Boards? Supplies? Investing in the education field in Yemen can help tremendously. Think about what it can do for our people’s future.

You see, it’s not about owning something and having your name on it. It’s not about how many buildings, cars, homes and lands you have. In the end, this will only help you and your pocket for investment if you choose not to live in it. I’m not saying you SHOULDN’T buy/own all these things. I’m saying, put your money into other things too. Something that you will feel good about. Something that will help your community.

We tend to forget about this important, yet simple task. If those who are financially capable invest in things like orphanage homes, schools, offices, homes, food for the poor (not Qat), etc. I think Yemen would be in a better stage than what it is now. 10 years ago, many areas (where I live) were empty. Today, there are hotels, villas and businesses and most who built were Yemenis abroad. I want to add, that Yemenis who live in Yemen have a role too (those financially capable).

It’s something to think about. We can do so much to help. If each one of you can buy or build magnificent homes, I’m sure you can invest in helping communities with supples, projects, schools, etc. I know people personally that came to the US and forgot about their roots and country. They see laws and life in the US and when they see Yemen they criticize it and push Yemen out of their mind- never stepping into the country. We have to think for a moment and tell ourselves to thank God for what he planned for us. You or I could have been in a country without freedom. You and I could have been trying to make money for rent. You or I could have been worrying about how to make ends meet.

Do not forget your roots.. do not forget your country. Invest in things that will help your community. The littlest thing can go a long way. Believe me, it’s so simple. Try once, you’ll feel proud that you helped.


About Summer Nasser
Blogger, with Yemeni roots based in New York City. Student of Sociology (B.A.) with a focus on the country of Yemen. I would consider myself a student of knowledge.

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