Pro-Separatist Rally in front of the United Nations and the Saudi Arabian consulate

Over 125 Southern Yemeni people attended a pro-separatist rally in front of the United Nations and the Saudi Arabian consulate today. Those who attended called for an end of the “Northern occupation,” the liberation of the South and for the release of all southern political activists that are jailed in Saudi Arabia.

What are their demands?

  1. Call to UN to end the violations of human rights in South Yemen by Northern military and the release of the Southern movement’s leaders from the Northern Yemeni prisons.
  2. The call for self-determination of the southern people in Yemen.
  3. Remind the international community that their position was represented by the security council (resolution 924 and 931) issued in 1994.
  4. Stop security forces from targeting peaceful, political activists in the South.
  5. Bring justice to the activists who were killed by security forces in the South.
  6. Bring an end to the arresting of journalists and opinionated individuals.

Some of the chants that were chanted today were:

  • Ben Omar! It’s time! Occupation is a crime!
  • Thawra, thawra ya Jnoub (Revolution, revolution, oh South)
  • No Justice, no peace!
  • Free, free South Yemen.
  • No dialogue if there is no equality between North and South.
  • Liberation for the South!
  • ICC for the Al-Ahmar family!

After the unification in the country, Southerners felt they were under occupation by the government. A common statement said by many individuals in the south is, “Before unity, we were one people in two different states. Now, after the unification, we feel as if we are two different people in one state.” (Quoted from Al-Akhbar news)

Malik Moflehi, a protester at todays rally says “We call on Saudi Arabia to free all southern political prisoners held in their jails. We also call on the security forces and the Yemeni government to stop the killings of our peaceful protesters…without justice there will be no peace.”

Here are some pictures I took during the rally:


About Summer Nasser
Blogger, with Yemeni roots based in New York City. Student of Sociology (B.A.) with a focus on the country of Yemen. I would consider myself a student of knowledge.

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