Unfair ruling of Raja Al-Hakami

The video 

Suhail TV, a well known media outlet in Yemen had interviewed Raja Al-Hakami a few days ago about her story. Although Raja was speaking in Arabic, I will summarize the incident in which she was sentenced to death for.

At 11:45 PM, she saw a man around her house. The man was carrying a gun, scissors (which she believed he could’ve used to cut the window screen to invade her privacy.) For protection, she shot at him to scare him away but accidentally killed him. His family came and picked up his body. They went in her home and destroyed it, scared her little sisters and mother and threatened to kill her. The cops showed up and took her to jail for the past 2 years. Now they’ve decided she’ll receive the death penalty.
Note: It was difficult to hear her voice because she spoke in a low tone, but  it seems that the man was climbing her window. Regardless, a man invaded her privacy and she defended herself, siblings and her mother.
Her ruling of a death is unjust, unfair and unbelievable. Yemen doesn’t have a real, functional and fair court system. Her case should be taken seriously by Yemeni activists and let the public be aware of her unjust ruling. Her ruling is a perfect example of male dominated country = male dominated rules.
Tweet to @Hooriya_Mashhour (Human Rights Minister of Yemen) and bring up the case to her. Share her story on FB/twitter so we can do our best to help Raja Al-Hakami. If you know any local leaders and/or officials in Yemen, let them know about her case. If we keep letting unjust rulings happen in Yemen, there won’t be change. We must work together to help prevent situations like Raja’s now and in the future.
Deputy general director of legal affairs in the province of Ibb, Abdulrakeb Alhimyari, told Al Arabiya English that the act of killing was “possibly planned beforehand.”

He quoted Abdul Alim al-Hakami, a relative of both the woman and the murdered assailant, as saying that “justice was finally held.” This is exactly why we have so much poisonous problems in Yemen. All about connections and who you are.


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Blogger, with Yemeni roots based in New York City. Student of Sociology (B.A.) with a focus on the country of Yemen. I would consider myself a student of knowledge.

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