Photo Project: Looking for contributors residing in Yemen

Hey all,

I’m pretty excited about this project that I want to start, which will be and IS a community effort. While in New York, before my flight to Aden, I’ve had an idea on my mind that I thought I could do by myself. It consisted of a camera and people of Yemen. I tried to start it, but failed to continue because I do not live in Yemen to actually keep it going. Therefore, I decided to ask people to help a sister out!

To be honest, there is just so much going on from the political side of Yemen which casts a shadow upon the country and its people. My project is pretty simple, positive and I am 100% sure it will grow and it will eventually lead to big things for the team of contributors. This project will also give you creative skills.

I know, you’re all asking “what is this project?”


I want to start a Facebook page showing the life of Yemen, by taking pictures of people in Yemen. Whether kids, adults (men and women) and even elders but with each picture comes a little snippet of a story. I did take two pictures when I was here last April and I wrote a snippet for each picture and have a few from my visit this month. Here are two examples: picture 1 and picture 2.

There’s a page with something like this (idea) called “Humans of New York” but only focuses on New Yorkers, but I thought it would be neat to do something like it for Yemen. I promise, this project will grow and will not fail. In a few days, I will create the page and post the pics I have and maybe from there you will get an idea. I wish I had a lot of pictures, this is why I need your help! Keep in mind, this is a non-political project and consists of just the people of Yemen. It’s something that people all over the world can see and share. This country is full of life, but unfortunately the only thing thats coming out of it and spread to people all over the world is “terrorism”. The mission here is to show that life is beautiful in this country and we want them (audience) to get a sense of it, one picture at a time.

Requirements for participation:

-Must have a camera or a phone camera. As long as there is a lens and it snaps pictures, it works. If for any reason it isn’t the best quality, send the picture(s) over to my email (written below) and I’ll edit them and post them. I’ll give you full photo credit (with name and province) once shared on social sites (Facebook/Twitter).

-English and Arabic writers (to write the caption if you’d like. If not, an admin can do it)

– Must be people friendly! Smile please! 🙂

– Internet access.

-Must live in Yemen.

**For those visiting and wanting to contribute– if you take a snapshot, feel free to send the picture(s) to the email and again, I’ll give you full credit.

Questions? Feel free to contact me!

Contact info:

1) (this will be the name of the page: The People of Yemen)

2) My Facebook account: Summer Nasser

3) Twitter: @SummerNasser

Those interested in helping me out, please send an email listed above with your name (if you want your pics to be credited), email and province. If you already have pictures, and want to randomly send over some. Write your name and where you took the picture (with a header or snippet of their story). 

Thank you, in advance.


About Summer Nasser
Blogger, with Yemeni roots based in New York City. Student of Sociology (B.A.) with a focus on the country of Yemen. I would consider myself a student of knowledge.

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