Photography Exhibition in Stockholm: Yemen Through Our Lenses

A view of Yemen’s capital city, Sana’a. Photo taken by Yemeni photographer Eman Ahmed Alawami

Afrah Nasser, a well known blogger and Yemeni journalist has decided to present to the public her project “Yemen Through Our Lenses”. This project is a photography exhibition about Yemen in Stockholm that would exhibit beautiful and creative photography works from Yemen by Yemeni photographers. It’s planned to take place in the near future after securing needed funds through the crowd-funding website.

To make it all happen, Afrah is using social media as her key tool. She has called upon the public via youtube, both in English and Arabic to ask for funding to get this going. Afrah explains that “this project is so important because it would highlight aspects on Yemen by Yemeni photographers who usually don’t get the chance to spread their message internationally as they wish like to do.”

What are funds going towards?

  1. Rent an art gallery in Stockholm, Sweden.
  2. Buy 15 High-Resolution images from Yemeni photographers.
  3. Print out the images at a professional printing company.
  4. Print extra photos before the exhibition to the public.
  5. Cover transportation taking the photos to and from the exhibition by renting a truck.
  6. Cover expenses of rewards.
  7. Cover taxes of the money raised overall.

All extra money that is left over will be going to LOCAL NGO’s inside Yemen.

Yemen has lately been labeled as a “dangerous” country suffering from political and economic instability since the start of the uprising. Unfortunately, the media has been able to take over the peoples minds into thinking its an unsafe country and that total chaos is happening on the ground as you’re reading this. Thankfully, we have people (photographers) who are willing to capture the beauty and artistry scenes of the country and its people, showing a more safe and subtle environment. More luckily, we have people who intend to do their best to show others the photos outside of Yemen.

You might be thinking, why is this a big deal? I’ll tell you why: these photographers take a good amount of time perfecting their shots to show the taintlessness of the people, as well as its beautiful architecture/landscapes of the country. In most cases, they aren’t appreciated enough. This is why it will mean a lot to these specific photographers that will be showcasing their photos in an exhibition abroad. It will also give them a sense of proudness that their pictures has given a positive image to the country itself.

The other great aspect about this project is that all extra proceeds go to local NGO’s in Yemen. This will be a tremendous help for the people there. Say for instance you aren’t a fan of exhibitions but you are happy about the extra proceeds that will help locally in the country–have the intentions that you are donation ‘x’ amount of money to help the local NGO’s. In both cases, donating for the exhibition and/or (intentionally) the local NGO’s, the money is going to a great cause.

Each photo thats been snapped, you’ll get to see Yemen through our lenses. It’s a different lens than you usually see on the TV or when on the internet. Media looks through ONE lens, but we (Yemenis) see the country through TWO lenses; the second lens is hidden to the world by the media. This is why this exhibition is so important! Let’s all make this happen and contribute. Remember, when those in Sweden see the pictures of Yemen and its people through OUR lenses, you’ll be part of that positive image.


Here are some of the photographers who will be showcasing their work:

-Ameen al-Ghabri
-Boushra al-Mutawakel
-Abdulrahman Jaber
-Amira al-Sharif
-Abdulrahman Taha
-Eman al-Awami


About Summer Nasser
Blogger, with Yemeni roots based in New York City. Student of Sociology (B.A.) with a focus on the country of Yemen. I would consider myself a student of knowledge.

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