Dear Yemenis in Yemen: Thank You

Today’s post isn’t about politics, or about my opinion on any type of decision the government of Yemen has decided on or acted upon. Today’s post is to express my appreciation to the people of Yemen and all that they have done in the past (soon to be) two years. It’s more personal. If you really think about it, they have gone through so much. Some lost friends and/or family members; other have lost their homes and jobs. While losing such people and things, they also lost a sense of inner peace within themselves and families. Losing this peace in each household does much emotional damage to each individual.

It’s really difficult to express emotions to you all who are reading this. I’ll try to make this as meaningful as I could, knowing that between you and I is a screen.

If I can really thank you all individually, I would have done so months ago when your strengths and patience first started changing my life. Thanks to you all in the country, I have loved Yemen with such passion for the first time. I have become more interested in our beloved country like never before. This alone is an indescribable feeling…

I once was someone who really didn’t appreciate the little and big things I had in my life until I saw people struggling to get the basics in the country first hand. While most in the country worry endlessly, they are still optimistic, putting on a beautiful smile that lights up their eyes and tells a story to those who are looking straight into them. These strong people have taught me that patience, even though it can be very hard to do, is the best solution for any problem or struggle that I may face in my life. I haven’t really reached that full smile you guys still put on whenever I may go through struggles, but I’m working on it!

If I can give a high-five to all the little kids in the country, I would have done so months ago too. But since I cannot, whenever I see a child when in Yemen, I give them a high-five. Despite their hardships, they still put on the biggest smile! Their spirit warms my heart and tears up my eyes because of their joy in the streets when playing with their friends or when sitting down talking about the latest cartoon show.  That’s the life right there; the simple life.

Strength, strength and more strength. I once was a person that was hesitant, doubtful and worried about peoples reactions to my opinions. Now, I can seriously say that I’m thick-skinned and fearless because I saw you guys face situations that could have ended your life so easily. It’s sad to say that, but your push against the waves of oppression really has changed many peoples lives all around the world. That kind of experience has also made people fearless in the country as well.

How about those who struggle without any support in the country? Those who their fathers left the country and never came back or if their mother passed away, now called orphans. They are either depending on orphanage homes or left in the streets. Those who have to PROVE themselves to the people around them that they are still humans despite being labeled as “orphans”. I cannot stress enough how much I RESPECT these kind of people. Your fight to (God willing) a better life is beyond strength–it’s called perseverance. This, you also taught me. It’s to keep on going steadily, even if the person falls. I truly respect those who are doing this; withstanding any type of difficulties.

What about those who will sacrifice anything to make their families happy? How about those who will work tirelessly to put food on the table at the end of the day? You guys taught me to be thankful for every little thing because all that I may have now could disappear tomorrow. It amazes me how most of you still thank God for everything, knowing you have very little! It’s really sad, yet beautiful to actually hear “Thank God” coming out of your mouths. A person must be thankful to enjoy life’s simplicity…

So, thank you my dear people, for everything you have to taught me. You guys have honestly changed my life. I respect all of you and wish you the best in the future with all my heart. You’ve taught me what patience, strength and perseverance is. And of course, you have taught me what the beauty of “Thank God for everything” is.


About Summer Nasser
Blogger, with Yemeni roots based in New York City. Student of Sociology (B.A.) with a focus on the country of Yemen. I would consider myself a student of knowledge.

2 Responses to Dear Yemenis in Yemen: Thank You

  1. Aboali says:

    great job ..we also thank you for your feeling toward our beloved Yemen .

  2. ameen aledreesi says:

    Thank you very much ,i m sure you really have written this from your deep heart so very thank you for this amazing feelings !!!!!

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