Times Are Changing


Brothers killing their brothers.
Sisters talking bad about their sisters.. destroying each other.
What happened to the respect and care for one another?
This is the reality.
This is for generality, not towards any nationality.
What happened to humanity?

Everyone’s trying to create a path for themselves.
Looking out for no one but yourselves? Why?
I can see society dispersing, bumping to one another in my mind’s eye.
Refusing to acknowledge their selfishness; turning a blind eye.

Kids crying, society dying.
But let’s all pause, stand by.

Can we actually raise sons in a world like this?
It’s total madness.
Still, we try.
But we shouldn’t deny all of this.

Our world has plummeted to the worst.
Thoughts mixed, hearts cursed.

Reverse back in time where life was simple.
Where people had no intentions of hurting one another.
Where good hearts were never rare to find.
Where there was peace of mind.

Times are changing, raging and keeps on rearranging.
Pressure from our environments trouble us,
Barely any progress..

Let’s hope for a cleansed heart, a good hand and a great mind
To help ourselves, from a world and its society that keeps pointing and blaming.

Summer Nasser


About Summer Nasser
Blogger, with Yemeni roots based in New York City. Student of Sociology (B.A.) with a focus on the country of Yemen. I would consider myself a student of knowledge.

5 Responses to Times Are Changing

  1. Sam Waddah says:

    Just lovely! Great job Summer!

  2. Fawzi says:

    Great job Summer!

  3. Ibn Homran says:

    Sadly these are the true words of our time…great job Summer!

  4. Ibn Homran says:

    Sadly these are the true words of our time. Great poem summer!

  5. Great and waiting for your first Arabic poem …

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