Thoughts on recent events in Yemen

Hello all,

It seems that I have neglected my page for a bit and many people are asking why. I’ve been trapped in my books and work recently, which took most of my time during the day. To be frank with you all, there has been some interesting events in Yemen. The latest decrees done by President Abdrabbo Mansour Hadi had got me really concerned but very optimistic.

On the other hand, I am not so optimistic about headlines such as this. Not because of the killings of Islamic militants, but because these headlines have really took its toll in the media. For instance, when looking up recent news on Yemen, 90% would be about how many militants were killed or how U.S airstrikes targeted militants. For readers that do not know much about Yemen, these articles give them a sense of “this country is dangerous” type of thoughts. Isn’t that lovely? It was only months before when we were remembered as a peaceful and loving country.

Regarding the CIA drone campaign in Yemen, and its recent authority by President Obama to target ‘suspected militants’ even though the identity of those who were killed may be unknown, but are a threat to the U.S is unlawful and quiet ridiculous. They can use this as an advantage. But these drones were in the skies of Yemen years before. Quiet frankly, reading recent articles on ‘xx’ amount of militants getting killed only makes me think twice. Reason being, some may be innocent civilians that were mistakenly killed or simply because they were at the location of clashes by Yemeni military or U.S airstrikes.

I tend to think a lot about the Al-Qaeda and Ansar Al-Sharia craziness. Yes, they are there but I feel as if the media is exaggerating their existence as a tool. That is is my view on it. Of course I denounce members of AQ/Ansar Al-Sharia, their actions and thinking. The damage that they have done to Islam as a religion is beyond comprehendible.

Moving on…

The one and only Ali Abdullah Saleh:

Oh, yes! How can I leave this for last? Ali Abdullah Saleh! The FORMER president of Yemen, but still the head of the ruling party (GPC). Great stuff. Firstly, I seriously think about this daily. Secondly, how is he still the head of the GPC and has immunity?! It’s like some double whammy for us advocators of change! It kills me actually. Our own EX-president, that actually has blood on his hands is a free man! Yemeni’s are STILL calling on the government of Yemen and the international community for his prosecution and charged against the crimes he has done on his people. I am very disappointed that he still hasn’t been prosecuted, and I’m an individual that hasn’t lost a member by a shrapnel, bullet or sniper wound. Imagine how the families of those who died by government forces feel? Think about it for a minute.

We have a long way to go for economic and political stability in Yemen, but I’m sure with time we will reach that point where we can say: mission accomplished.



About Summer Nasser
Blogger, with Yemeni roots based in New York City. Student of Sociology (B.A.) with a focus on the country of Yemen. I would consider myself a student of knowledge.

One Response to Thoughts on recent events in Yemen

  1. Sam Waddah says:

    A very well written piece Summer! U spoke my mind wallah! Great work!

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