GCC: The Peoples Opinions on Initiative

Recently, The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) initiative has been agreed upon, by the Yemeni Regime and the opposition in Yemen. Read here: UN Yemen envoy says parties agree to transition plan and has officially been signed today! Read here: Yemen’s Saleh signs deal handing over power

What does this mean now since Ali Abdullah Saleh signed today?

1. Saleh will issue a presidential decree assigning the Vice President with all the tasks of the President, and Saleh will remain an honorary President until electing a new president.
2.The Vice President will call for an early Presidential Elections within two months, while he remains holding the Presidents tasks for two years during the transitional period.
3.During the two months period, the army will be restructured and the Presidents family will be removed from their positions and a consensus government will be formed to run the elections.

Majority of Yemenis are against this initiative for one main reason: Immunity for Saleh and his family members. In other words, he will walk away as a free man. So what are the peoples thoughts on this initiative?

Mufid Hizam, a Yemeni living in New York says: “I’m not in favor with the GCC’s initiative for simple reasons: it failed to detect the real grievances that led to the current turmoil and therefore wasn’t able prescribe the right solutions. Second, it provides immunity to the regime, not only for crimes that have been committed in the past, but also for others to be committed in the future. it didn’t set any time frame, therefore left the regime with a huge space to maneuver and continue with its plans of committing more crimes and eradicating more of the regime adversaries. Hence, in providing such immunity, it contradict the international law, which states clearly that no immunity is to be given to anyone with criminal record.”


Ahmed Al-Qarda’ei, a Yemeni living in Sanaa says: “I don’t see the GCC initiative as a big deal. Either the opposition signs it or not, blood will be shed.”


@samwaddah says: “I am totally against the GCC initiative because it’s not what Yemeni’s revolted for! It’s a ‘save Saleh deal’ not a ‘save Yemen deal'”


@Only_OneGod says: “The GCC initiative is an attempt to thwart the revolution by making fake changes that don’t change anything and calm people’s zeal!”


@ExpressYemeni says: “I’m against the GCC initiative, for it does not hold true to aspirations, hopes, desires and dreams of the revolutionaries.”


@wayneworden says: “The GCC is trying to resolve the Saleh problem, but resolution authority must be with the people – not diplomats.”


@shabadel says: ” The GCC was all in favor of Saleh to save him. It was specially designed for him and changed many times to please him.”


@RawanWS says: ” Over the past 10 months I’ve watched Saleh mercilessly murdered hundreds, two of whom I knew personally. It lead me to feel as if the GCC initiative is the only way to be rid of Saleh without losing another life. While we do run the risk of granting him immunity, we must remember that he is not immortal nor is he divine, he will be put on trial and justice will be served one way or another. I want to see Yemen move on from this infinite cycle that we have thrown ourselves into and start to rebuild Yemen into the golden country it can be.”


Khadigeh Ali Saleh, says: “What they care about is to have their name in the history of Yemen as the ‘savers’ who saved Yemen from getting into war. I hate them and hate how they supposed stupid head Ali Abdullah Saleh!!”


Maged Almawri, a Yemeni living in the United States says: “I believe the GCC initiative is at least an acknowledgement from the Ruling Party, President, The Gulf Countries and the whole world that this regime has to be changed. I am one of the youth of Yemen who want to see the whole regime Collapse, but the truth is that this regime has been rooted very deep in the country, so it has to be taken out very carefully over the coming years. I hope this initiative would probably save thousands of Yemeni lives if it succeeded. It also gives hope to the everyday Yemeni people who are getting tired of the revolution. Let’s keep working in parallel paths, the youth have their revolution and the GCC initiative keeps going until we see what happens. Revolutions do take years to have results and it is the Yemeni Youth who need to carry it on.”


Fuad Al-Hothefy, says: ” The GCC initiative is not our goal, so we have a plan and we did not go to street in order to achive such initiative , we have greet project we are the futer of yemen, so we can not work in 2 ways parallel, we only have one way. We are from change square and we know who we are and we know what we want, so parties please play away ……Yemen is free”


Ibraheem Al-Anse, a Yemeni living in New York says: ” I think it’s a waste of time. Look, the youth are not part of it. Tribes are not part of it.. So all are not In favor and the initiative must be ended! Not by giving immunity to a killer! So we should rally against it and be with youth and with the majority of the yemeni people.”


Mohammed Al-Sabri, says (Arabic):” هذه المبادة لا تخص شباب الثورة وليس فيها من يفاوض بإسم شباب الثورة نحن لدينا اهداف معلنه من بداية الثورة واضحه للجميع وسيبقى الشباب في الساحات وسنمضي في تحقيقها كامله غير منتقصه، وقعت المبادره ام لم توقع.”


About Summer Nasser
Blogger, with Yemeni roots based in New York City. Student of Sociology (B.A.) with a focus on the country of Yemen. I would consider myself a student of knowledge.

2 Responses to GCC: The Peoples Opinions on Initiative

  1. riaz says:

    in simple terms, GCC deal is a cheating with the people of Yemen… but don’t forget, it has come from a justice system that sees crime in car-driving but not in murdering.

  2. Ahmed says:

    I really like your way of collecting this information.
    we all have the same opinion about all what have been said. I wonder why don have one basis which can show the world what do Yemeni people really need. I have just take the plunge to say that. Parties tries to show off and neglecting the youth. I know that you have a strong information about that, but how we can make it really affect.???!!!

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