11/11/11: Horrific and Deadly Day in Taiz.

Usually, on such a date (11/11/11) people are making wishes, partying and even getting married. All in all: It’s supposed to be a good and joyous day. Well, if you watched that short film (above), you’ll understand and realize why it wasn’t for residents in Taiz city. In fact, you’ll understand what these people have to go through almost daily. It’s actually the most hit city in Yemen that gets showered with shells and bullets.

Frankly, this is a very devastating and emotional video. Kids getting killed and a woman shot in front of the eyes of Taizi residents. She falls helplessly on the floor. Many things went through my mind when I saw that scene in the film and one of them was, “Once they shoot women, they have no morals and are low people.” Yes, that includes if they kill kids too. Actually, once they shoot their own people, they have no morals and are low. In Yemen, women are basically sacred, so to see that happen to a woman…there are no words. I’m sure the men were angered and emotional as well! Overall, the Republican Guards FAIL miserably to protect it’s people, like they should. It’s a shame and very much disgraceful. Ali Abdullah Saleh IS the one to blame and IS the one who is leading the country right now, so I can blame him. It’s heartbreaking, to hear children cry in hospitals because their brothers or sisters died. It’s hard to hear the women cry for their deceased husbands. It’s damn hard for parents to see their kids lying on the floor, dead. Tell me, do they deserve this? No. They don’t. The regime, and the Republican Guards have no shame, killing their own people. Taizi people aren’t even safe in their own homes! They countlessly fire shells on neighborhoods.

Watch this shelling on a residential area (below):

Here’s another video where you see a tank firing randomly on residential areas (below):

As you can see, our president doesn’t care about Yemeni’s. He will destroy everyone (including those few supporters of his) if he has to. He will forever lie (like he always does) to keep his position. He will do whatever he has to, to keep his money. It’s as simple as that.

A martyrs sister writes a message to Saleh in the blood of her dead brother, while the family cries.

(Arabic)  Listen to this message of a protester named Mariam Najeeb Al-Kateb, who was one of the injured in Taiz by a shell that fell in Freedom Square, on Novemeber 11, 2011.


About Summer Nasser
Blogger, with Yemeni roots based in New York City. Student of Sociology (B.A.) with a focus on the country of Yemen. I would consider myself a student of knowledge.

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