Yemen: Unity Is the Key!

During the past week or so, I noticed separation talks were in the air once again in the south. Before I continue on, these are my thoughts on the separation, which many ask where I stand. Many people will judge me on this: others might understand, yet others might not respect my thoughts. Either or, I will write about it regardless.

In 1994, Yemen was united as one. There was no more South Yemen or North Yemen. Once united, southerners say that they weren’t treated equally (which is understandable) and northerners took advantage of the jobs, lands, etc. As the years pass by, the southerners weren’t happy with Ali Abdullah Saleh and the regime because they didn’t treat them right. The southerners did struggle throughout the years, which is why many are frustrated until now.

Once the Yemeni revolution started, millions have protested, in the north and south to topple the regime. All of them stood as one, with one message and goal. As the ninth month rolls in, the south enters a dead end. While thousands are protesting daily in the north, southerners, particularly in the city of Aden start protesting in large amounts every two or three days calling for separation.

I noticed that these protests were happening, at the wrong time. I strongly, believe that these protests should NOT be held at all until the regime falls at least. I, as a southerner am not for separation. I truly believe that unity is the key to all the problems we are going through as of now and in any future conflicts. Many may say, “Well, we went through a lot, so its our time to leave all these problems.” That was a statement I heard by a few people, which makes me furious at some respectable level. Southerners are under unity. We are under one rule, one constitution and one regime. We don’t have separate rule, constitution or regime.

Another point: Separation isn’t something simple.

Has anyone noticed that the reason why many people suffer till’ today (north and south) is because of one person: Ali Abdullah Saleh. Look through it, and think about it. Fully understand, why many people are frustrated and all this suffering is because of the Yemeni government. Saleh didn’t give a damn about southerners, but hey, right now he doesn’t care about his people as a whole.

Another point: Things like this take time. FOCUS on one thing only right now, that being united to topple the regime. Lets all have some logic people-you can’t have a revolution going and a separation group comes about, asking for a south Yemen, even before the regime topples. It doesn’t even make any sense and it won’t succeed. There is no more “We were, we had, we could have had” statements. We, right now should focus on whats going on now, and not look back on our past. Ill say it again, look at whats going on now- that should be the key during this revolution.

I recall a few protests to show respect to the south in Sanaa during this revolution. I remember youth saying, that the southerners will get their equality once Saleh leaves and a new government is appointed by the people of Yemen.

There are few to barely any protests in the south calling for Saleh to leave, from what I noticed. Why all of a sudden many just do nothing and sit and watch the protests in the North. I understand, many feel like theres no hope, but wasn’t it Saleh who created this problem? Wasn’t is Saleh who looked at the people in the south as weak people?

Honestly, I thought that the people in the south would be protesting in thousands every day when the revolution started. They are the ones who technically suffered the most by the regime!

Lets be fair! If someone wants separation, thats fine. I have nothing against it. BUT wait until we see what happens when Saleh leaves and a new government is appointed. See if they treat the southerners equally, if they do-great! Thats beautiful. If they don’t, then call for a separation. Thats being fair in my opinion. AGAIN, lets all think unity right now!

All I’m saying, as of now we should all be united. I’m one hundred percent sure, that the youth in Yemen are going to put this issue first, once the regime is toppled. We all want a new Yemen.

P.S: These are my thoughts, on this situation. You guys can express your views regardless if you agree or disagree. I respect everyones views, just as much I would love for you guys to respect mines.


About Summer Nasser
Blogger, with Yemeni roots based in New York City. Student of Sociology (B.A.) with a focus on the country of Yemen. I would consider myself a student of knowledge.

One Response to Yemen: Unity Is the Key!

  1. Sarah says:

    Great post. A few years ago Yemenis were divided and only unified by football, its good to see they have become one country as a whole. I pray liberation comes to you soon and you are blessed with a good, honest government who will look out for your country’s best interests and rebuild your economy to be a strong productive one once again. God bless Yemen and it’s people.

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