Yemen: Shiekh Sadeq Al-Ahmar Vows to Keep Saleh Out and Protesters Protected

Yemenis have been marching and chanting for the fall of the regime for six months now. Six long months that eventually resulted in a formation of a Transitional Council on July 16, 2011. With seventeen members ready to do their part in helping the country lead it to the right path, government officials despise it. Officials say that there will be no transfer of power or any talks with any groups in Yemen unless President Ali Abdullah Saleh is in Yemen.

Recently, with these current happenings, there have been rumors spreading around that Saleh thugs were going to attack Change Square in Sanaa and other squares in different provinces in Yemen. Al-Ahali newspaper indicated that the regime spread thugs and Republican Guards in buildings near Change Square of Sanaa.

Once this news was heard from the people of Sanaa and Yemen as a whole, Sheikh Sadeq Al-Ahmar, who is a very well known leader for the Hashid tribe stated ”Any attack on Freedom Squares and fields of Change will lead to a big problem and we will not stand handcuffed against any aggression on peaceful protesters.”

On June 26, 2011 armed thugs were present at all the entrances in Change Square of Sanaa, ready to move forward into the square, thankfully, residents and Change Square security volunteers had stopped them from doing any acts of violence.

On July 30, 2011 Sheikh Sadeq Al-Ahmar directly addressed the press and stated ”Ali Abdullah Saleh will not rule us as long as I am alive.” A powerful statement by a powerful person. Keep in my mind, Saleh comes from the same tribe as Sadeq and is the official leader of the Hashid tribe. A very tense situation that they both come from the same tribe yet each one dislikes the other.

With Sadeq Al-Ahmar against Ali Abdullah Saleh and with the peaceful revolution, on March 20, 2011 he asked Saleh, ”To leave office peacefully and respond to protesters demand” as quoted in an Al-Jazeera article. Around the same time, the next month, Shiekh Sadeqs home was attacked. This caused a lot of problems between the tribe and the government.

With the tribe stepping up and Saleh ready for anything, clashes were erupting and violent gunfire noises accompanied Sanaa residents for a few days. Hundreds of residents have fled fearing the capitol would become a war zone. After many who lost their lives in the clashes, the leader of the Hashid tribe and Saleh made a deal to stop the clashes from both sides.

Thus, resulting, Al-Ahmar wrote a letter to the Republican Guards and Security Forces stating, ”get rid of this regime and be among the makers of the change that the people are calling for” he then goes on saying “the enemy of all these people is Saleh who has weighed heavily upon our people for all these years and confiscated the simplest Yemeni citizens’ rights to serve the interest of Saleh, his sons and family” as quoted in an MSNBC article.

Until today, Shiekh Sadeq Al-Ahmar is representing himself a strong person with one message. This message is quiet clear, Shiekh Sadeq vows to keep Saleh out and protesters protected-no matter what.


About Summer Nasser
Blogger, with Yemeni roots based in New York City. Student of Sociology (B.A.) with a focus on the country of Yemen. I would consider myself a student of knowledge.

6 Responses to Yemen: Shiekh Sadeq Al-Ahmar Vows to Keep Saleh Out and Protesters Protected

  1. 2tensions says:

    But what sort of Government does the Sheik want to see in place of Saleh’s? His family in charge? Still Zaidi dominated? Or a fair representative democracy like that call for by the youth movement? And how closely aligned is Al Ahmar to Ali Mohsin? Do they support each other or are all three players against each other?

    • All great questions. The Yemeni uprising is quiet different than any other country in my opinion. As you know, Yemen is lead by family members, even Salehs in laws are a part of something whether it is a commander or a general. Saleh, Ali Mohsin and Sadeq all come from the same tribe. W/ 2 of them joining the revolution (Mohsin and Sadeq); one of the quotes I used in this specific article that was said by Sadeq himself ,”To leave office peacefully and respond to protesters demand” with that said, Im assuming a fair democracy that the youth movement are asking for and also, fall of regime. With both Saleh and Sadeq against each other, and also, Ali Muhsin when he declared that he is part of the revolution. Quiet frankly, I havent heard that much about Ali Muhsin ever since he joined. Not as much as Sadeq. W/ both Muhsin and Sadeq declaring joining the revolution- no one really knows the intentions of what their motives are. Nonetheless what future plans they have for Yemen. I hope that helps!

  2. 2tensions says:

    Thanks for your answer Summer, it was an excellent article, and I guess motives will become clearer as they play out in the future. I’m hoping that the players have the best of intentions, but I feel a little nervous about it at the same time.

  3. muntasir says:

    we are looking forward to obtain a civil country , however we have to perish off the oppressive phenomena of tribes system .

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