Yemen: The Formation of A Transitional Council

On Saturday July 16, the long awaited Transitional Council has been formed! This has been a step up to the long six months of the Yemeni uprising. This news arrived in the morning of that Saturday.

The 17 members of the Transitional Council are:

  • Haidar AbuBakr Al-Attas
  • Horiya Mash-hoor
  • Jamal Mohammed Al-Mutareb
  • Sa’ad Al-Deen Bin Talib
  • Sadeq Ali Sarhan
  • Shakhr Ahmad Al-Wajeeh
  • Abdullah Hassan Al-Nakhebi
  • Abdulallah Salam Al-Hakemi
  • Ali Nasser Mohammed
  • Ali Hussien Ashal
  • Aydaros Al-Naqeeb
  • Muhsen Mohammed Bin Fareed
  • Mohammed Salim Ba’Sendwah
  • Mohammed Saeed Al-Sa’adi
  • Mohammed Abdulmalik Al-Mutwakel
  • Mohammed Ali Abu Lohom
  • Yahya Mansour Abu Osba’a

Here are the names in Arabic:

  • حيدر أبو بكر العطاس
  • حورية مشهور
  • جمال محمد المترب
  • سعد الدين بن طالب
  • صادق علي سرحان
  • صخر أحمد الوجيه
  • عبد الله حسن الناخبي
  • عبد الله سلام الحكيمي
  • علي ناصر محمد
  • علي حسين عشال
  • عيدروس النقيب
  • محسن محمد بن فريد
  • محمد سالم باسندوة
  • محمد سعيد السعدي
  • محمد عبد الملك المتوكل
  • محمد علي أبو لحوم
  • يحيى منصور أبو اصبع
The opposition has also declared their choices for key positions such as a armed forces commander and a former defense minister. This announcement has been a relief for many Yemenis. It’s a sign of hope, and sign that this revolution WILL move forward. The upcoming days and weeks will be very crucial in Yemen.
Tawakol Karaman, who is the head of the Youth Coalition, calls the international community to “respect the youth revolutions decisions, to recognize the revolution institutions and to end all forms of cooperation with the remnants of Saleh’s regime because they do not represent the country.”
With that statement, I leave you to understand the importance of this council and what it has to offer for the country. The youth have always been on the right path towards their goals. Within time, they will reach them soon.
What’s your opinion on the Transitional Council? Do you think this is a great step or do you not feel like it is good enough? Also, do you think that it will effect Yemen in a good way or a bad way? Feel free to comment. Would love to read your opinions on this subject!

About Summer Nasser
Blogger, with Yemeni roots based in New York City. Student of Sociology (B.A.) with a focus on the country of Yemen. I would consider myself a student of knowledge.

10 Responses to Yemen: The Formation of A Transitional Council

  1. Nasser Maweri says:

    I think its a great step forward for the youth and the international community should understand how important it is and should appreciate it. Yemeni revolution almost (died) in some people’s opinion but this step prove them wrong and i am really happy with it esp. cuz the people selected are very well known with their integrity. I am with this step no matter what others say about it

    • Nice, I do feel like you are very optimistic about this TC. Yes, actually, in fact. I almost thought it was going to die soon. Thankfully, this news gave me some hope! I am wishing the best for Yemen and its people through the TC. Now, we must be patient and see what their next move is.

  2. lissnup says:

    A landmark moment. I know some will say that there should be women on the council, etc, but it’s transitional, not final. This is one important step on a long journey. I do think having a woman in the top communication post of the eventual administration would be winning strategy. You and other women journalists or citizen reporters have contributed so much in this regard throughout the uprising. It’s very much appreciated and I hope you will continue.

    • A great historic moment, in my opinion. A step up through the long months of protesting. I feel like this council will point the country and its people to the right path. Exactly, there is at least one person. Horiya, who is very much respected and has such a great political background as I was told by many. As long as the council is founded by people that are respected by the Yemeni people with a good reputation, Its great to me. Thank you lissnup. I do appreciate the great comment. I will be continuing even after this revolution has ended. We have such a long way to go. Again, thank you!

  3. swaleh alshabiby says:

    My opinion i think as a begining its a good start wish the best.

  4. Al-Waleed Dirbiji says:

    Hope that will help in shifting the current hard situation towards the better. It is a good step no doubt of that but maybe the way it was formed was not satisfactorily agreed with. Youth have no any information about it neither them nor others in other Govs. especially “Taiz Square”!! And regarding women participation I think Horia is one of the best and have a strong base in the political activities and well know with her integrity.. Anyhow, hope for this step all the best in its future tasks..

    • Good point. Also, three members were’t informed about the formation but they didn’t seem bothered in terms of dropping out (through the articles I read.) I hope this TC will be a good step towards a right direction!

  5. muntasir says:

    it is a crucial step which should have done since long time ago , but the internatoinl and territorial community will not bliss this initiative bcause it works for the success of the revolutoin ;therefore hard stiuatoins and consequences wiil emerge in the face of realising the rest of revolutoin”s goals .

    • Right on point. I believe like you said, that the international community will sadly not see it as a success because they do not want to see the Yemeni uprising successful. I think that the TC will surpass these boundaries. We will see what will happen in the upcoming weeks.

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