Voices Echoing in Yemen

This video is such a powerful message. Do you hear the strength of their voices? Its only one message: The fall of the regime. For the past six months, their voices are not getting any weaker as people might expect, in fact, its only getting stronger. You might think after six months they would just call it quits? No. It’s the opposite.

As they sing the National Anthem, as always, they show much respect for the country. They treasure their land. For the past 33 years (marking 33 yrs on July 17), our country only faced  poor treatment from Saleh and the government. For 33 yrs, our country was only getting poorer, our country was only getting worser.

People might think, well he did do something within the 33yrs. I agree, he made a Masjid, concrete roads, a few tunnels and a school. But can you tell me, is this REALLY good enough for 33 years in power. Honestly? Might I say, when he made the Masjid, he kicked out the people on that specific area, took their lands and paid very little for them. Another note, he did fix the streets with concrete and made it look pretty and what not, but did you look at the thickness of the concrete? Take a look for yourselves.

Here is some background information on Yemen:

-GDP (Growth Domestic Product): 14.8 Billion Dollars

-Per Capita GDP: 820 Dollars

-Population: More than 26 million people

-Inflation: Up by 18% (Before uprising, imagine now?)

-One third suffer from Chronic hunger

-Status: Below poverty

-Almost half of the population of Yemen live on 2 Dollars a day or LESS

Lets just keep on mind:

-President Ali Abdullah Saleh obtained less than a elementary school education.

If Saleh did take care of his country and its people, with the money that he makes, Yemen would have been as high ranking as Dubai for instance-to that level. With the country having an exotic island called Socotra known for the rare animals and plants, tourism would have been sky rocketing. It would have been a dream destination for most of the world like they dream to go to Fiji for instance. But, sadly, Saleh didn’t care about it.

I think we all get the picture here, that our leader has failed to serve his country and people. Although, he says that he does care about his country, it doesn’t show. I am pretty sure that if a person cares so much about their country like he says, he would have done a better job.

The peaceful protests have been, in my opinion, sending a message to the world and to Yemenis living abroad. They fulfill their commitment when they say we are a ”peaceful movement.” Indeed, what they say is true. Never has their words failed.

Millions have spoken. Their voices echo through the streets, villages, towns, cities and mountains of every part of the country. Most importantly, they echo through our hearts.

My thoughts that run through my mind from time to time:

  • I want a leader that can actually lead his or her country to the better! Yes, I say ”her” because you never know! Our country was once leaded by a Queen. Don’t forget that!
  • I want this country to be known all around the world and most importantly, in the gulf for having the most enriched history.
  • I want the people in the Gulf to actually look at Yemenis as great people and not to look down upon us.
  • I want people to remember Yemen for their knowledge, wisdom and faith!
  • I want people to know that Yemen is the root and foundation of the Middle East. (Know your history!)
  • I plainly want people to respect Yemenis.
  • I want people to know that Yemen was the first and earliest exports of coffee.
  • Most importantly, I want people to see Yemen as a safe country.

About Summer Nasser
Blogger, with Yemeni roots based in New York City. Student of Sociology (B.A.) with a focus on the country of Yemen. I would consider myself a student of knowledge.

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