Age Doesn’t Matter!

I just needed to make a post about this:

Age doesn’t really matter. I speak on many teenagers behalf. I, for one am a young lady- a senior in High school to be exact, that has a blog (as you can see). In my perspective, it really doesn’t matter how young or old you are if you have a passion for writing on topics or situations that mean a lot to you then shoot for it! You just need the drive to steer you into gear.

This is my story. Last year my parents opened a private school in Sibr (near Lahj) in Aden named ”Madraset El Ryiah”. On the opening day, about 240 students attended. My parents were very lucky seeing their dream come true. We as a family travel to Yemen every summer as this is a must to hold our traditions and culture in tact. We realized how bad schools were  throughout the years.

In my opinion, seeing some schools and talking to some students, the administration had no intention to brighten up young ones lives with knowledge. So, they did there part and opened a school. See, we have a different idea in our heads. We give them a American way of teaching. As in, everything we do in the school is meant to be similar to schools in the United States. The first year was a major success. With everyone happy and kids smiling, it was worth everything. Ever since, I realized that I should do my part in helping my country. My parents did there part, and it was my turn.

I went to Aden about 5 weeks ago to see the revolution in Yemen with my own eyes. I seen things that I wish I never saw. Blood on the streets, damaged buildings. Everything was just deteriorating. One thing that didn’t was the strength of Yemenis. I thought to myself, maybe I should do something- So, I started blogging. Just for the heck of it. So I can at least say I did something to help. You know, writing is power.

I then made a twitter account to really get updates on the situation in Yemen. So, I started to post tweets about breaking news and such of that matter. Even when coming back to the United States, I still did my best in keeping my tweets updated and blogs posted. Then I started to think, Im going to be a journalist.

Without realizing, I inspired many people my age and older. My intentions for starting a blog, to be frank with you was just for fun. Just so I can feel like I did something. I never knew it would get me to this level. I soon wrote an article for titled ‘My Encounter With A Revolution’. I was ecstatic! Everything went smoothly. I then got offered to write another article for the Bronx Muslim Center MAS YOUTH newsletter. If all goes well it will be published around Ramadan time.

And so within a month and a half all this happened to me. Everything was happening so fast, but i enjoyed it! I love to write and have a passion doing so. Im a 17 year old teenager who is, in my mind accomplishing her dream, and thats all that matters.


About Summer Nasser
Blogger, with Yemeni roots based in New York City. Student of Sociology (B.A.) with a focus on the country of Yemen. I would consider myself a student of knowledge.

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