These are the Women of Yemen

Women in Sanaa protesting for change

Lets talk about breaking a fine line of tradition:

Since the start of the revolution in Yemen, People have had their eyes on the media. One thing that caught my attention as well as others is the vast amount of women that are out on the streets and protesting for one thing- and thats to call on Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down.

Speaking of Ali Abdullah Saleh, in a remark that has angered many women and quiet frankly the men as well. He states that women should not be out protesting against his regime with the mixing of men that were not direct relatives because it is not accepted in Islamic Law.

One spark just lit the fire.

It was then that women were shown in protests that reached over thousands just to prove a point. The women were angered and very frustrated with his remarks because he talked about their honor. This spark did not only fire the people of Yemen, but the whole international community as well.

Hala Ali, a High school student, originally from the province of Ibb, but currently living in The United States said ”Who is he to state whats haram and whats not? Last time I checked, half the things Ali Saleh is doing is haram. Bribery is haram. Killing innocent people is haram. Also, its not against Islamic Law to fight for freedom and justice. With that I say they have my full support and appreciation. These women are now an icon of the Yemeni revolution.”

One of the most important Yemeni activists that is the head of the Yemeni protest movements is Tawakul Karman. A 32 year old, human activist. Who is also a mother of three children, is one of the most active activists in Yemen. Throughout the months of protesting she has been threatened, tricked and arrested. A brave women still growing strong despite the bumps in the road. She has caught the medias attention of many people around the world as well. She was and still is the spark of a great movement in the history of Yemen. Mostly, she is the icon of the women in Yemen.

Our culture has put side lines on things that women and men should and shouldn’t do. Therefore, it did cause a stir on women protesting. Some people oppose it and are not in favor of them being out till late at night and even sleeping out in tents. Nonetheless, being out and mixing with men. Others on the other hand are in favor of being part of a historic moment. Families of some women that were once not allowed to do such a action are now allowed to because they want to prove a point to the world and to Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Some protests in Taiz have been a phenomenon when it came to respecting the women of their country. At times, the men would make a ‘Human Chain’ from both sides of the street to let the women protest freely in the middle without any hesitation. A sea of women full of pride and strength all in one place with the same views.

These are the Women of Yemen.


About Summer Nasser
Blogger, with Yemeni roots based in New York City. Student of Sociology (B.A.) with a focus on the country of Yemen. I would consider myself a student of knowledge.

2 Responses to These are the Women of Yemen

  1. I so admire the Women of Yemen, they have been so brave! The revolutions in the Arab world and especially in Yemen are breaking so many stereotypes about niqabi/hijabi women (that we’re oppressed, stay in the house and do nothing etc.) It makes me so happy 🙂 InshaAllah justice will prevail!

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