Another typical day in Aden.


After all the violence that has occurred yesterday, I still was wondering if the people are slightly giving up or are they more powerful from all that has happened. As I recall, I was sleeping at the time of chaos. I woke up to a loud ‘ BOOM ‘ sound that sounded very near. I got out of bed, looked through the window and saw nothing but cars driving around as if no one heard anything. I then went back to sleep thinking it was just my imagination- maybe from all the news I have been watching. A few minutes pass and I hear it again ‘ BOOM ‘…

These sounds were not ordinary gun shot sounds, it sounded scary and i felt as if the floor was shaking. I then ran out of the room, went downstairs to ask my dad and a few of my family members if they heard what I heard… as I expected- they denied all of what I told them to not scare me perhaps? BOOM! There it goes again. Running to a room that is known as a ‘ Deewan ‘, which is a room where all the men gather to talk and socialize.

Going back to the scene, I rushed to turn on the Television to maybe get some info on whats going on. I change to a Yemeni channel that is with the people and against the Government. As I try to read what is in the bottom of the screen in red, it read: ” Aden: Security Forces and Army are driving tanks to the area ‘ Mansoora ‘ and are firing missiles from the tanks to the peaceful protesters. Indications are showing that the missiles are being fired at the sit-in protesters as well.” I was in the state of shock! Why? Because they have never ever done that action to the demonstrators before and the area ‘ Mansoora ‘ is 5 minutes driving distance from my Villa.

As i stood there next to the T.V trying to let it all sink in- the electricity turned off. Great! Now there is no way I can find out whats going on. The house was quiet, everyone was doing their daily routines as if nothing was going on! It really shocked me because it seemed that I was the only one worrying about the whole situation. As i sink in my thoughts, I hear Gunshots firing away. It sounded like i was in the middle of a war.

Once, I heard these gun shots I laid down on the floor since there were huge glass windows in the Deewan…waiting for a sign of peace outside. I wait 15 min. and they are still shooting. 30 minutes pass and I heard no bullet sounds, no missiles and I felt that there was nothing to be afraid of no more. After 45 minutes, the electricity was up and running and i caught up with all the news and headlines. This time in red it reads: ” 4 killed and a few injured in Mansoora.”

It was quiet surreal- to be hearing all of this and feeling the floor shake knowing its only 5 minutes away. Can you only imagine if you were there, at the spot where the missiles were being fired? It was quiet a experience. The next day, I drove around Mansoora to check out the damage. I see poles in the middle of the streets, burned tires, rocks everywhere…it was a mess!

Trying to get myself by in the car, some streets were closed. I go around small streets- only seeing bullet holes in glass windows in apartment buildings. I asked around saying where did the families go? The young man said, ”The youth in the protests told all the families to get out of their homes that were in the middle of the chaos and to evacuate. Once they did, the police started shooting in the air and into the homes carelessly. Some houses were burned down!”

I looked at him with a disappointed face and said thanks for the information and time. Looking at everyones reaction in the Square, it was just another day and everything seemed normal. They kept on going with their daily routines. It was just another typical day…in Aden.


About Summer Nasser
Blogger, with Yemeni roots based in New York City. Student of Sociology (B.A.) with a focus on the country of Yemen. I would consider myself a student of knowledge.

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